Cadence and ARM Deliver an IP Reference System for Internet of Things Applications

SAN JOSE, CA -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. unveils a reference system jointly developed with ARM that is targeted at the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. This is the first product following the strategic IP Interoperability Agreement (IPIA) signed by Cadence® and ARM that allows the companies reciprocal access to relevant IP portfolios.

The reference system is built around the ARM® IoT Subsystem and an ARM Cortex®-M3 processor. It includes frequently-used functions required in an IoT platform to host sensors, actuators and wireless connectivity.

Utilizing the ARM MPS2 rapid software and hardware FPGA prototyping platform, ARM and Cadence can now demonstrate the benefit of providing IP that has been fully-integrated and verified in a working system.

The Cadence interface controller IP includes the MIPI SoundWire, Quad-SPI (QSPI), I2C and SPI. ARM has provided the IoT Subsystem IP and the ARM Cortex-M processor IP. The ARM Cordio® radio IP is also available as a plugin module for the board. These IP blocks are crucial IoT component elements and their ease of use will allow customers to accelerate their entry into the IoT. Complementing this IoT hardware solution, the ARM mbed™ IoT Device Platform also provides the software components and community ecosystem necessary to build a secure, power-optimized sensor to cloud connected application.

"The combination of Cadence IP, the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform and ARM's IoT subsystems provide a strong foundation for any secure and efficient IoT component," said Vincent Korstanje, vice president of marketing, systems and software group, ARM. "Our respective technology portfolios enable silicon designers, OEMs and ODMs to accelerate their time-to-market while allowing them more time to focus design resources on differentiating their products."

"By working with ARM to develop a complete IoT subsystem we are enabling customers to significantly reduce the risk, effort and time required to build innovative products for the rapidly growing IoT market," said Hugh Durdan, vice president of marketing, Design IP at Cadence. "The powerful combination of ARM's processing solutions and Cadence's interface IP for connecting IoT devices to the outside world is compelling to our customers. By collaborating with ARM to offer an integrated solution we are reducing the barriers to adoption for new entrants into this exciting market."

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