Cable Modem Cranks Data Speeds To 2 Gb/s

NETGEAR’s latest DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, the Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem (CM1200), is said to deliver true multi-gig internet speeds up to 2 Gigabits per second. Connected homes with their multitude of always-on smart devices and bandwidth hungry streaming and online gaming are facing a need to provide greater capacity to the cloud for all these devices that are competing for limited bandwidth. The major US cable internet cable services providers such as XFINITY® from Comcast, Spectrum and Cox are addressing this need with the deployment of gigabit service over the existing cable infra-structure, known within the industry as DOCSIS 3.1.

With the deployment of this new standard, cable customers can benefit from gigabit internet and higher speeds to their home and offices but will require a compatible modem to realize the true potential of this new service. Designed to maximize internet speed for IoT devices and provide smooth 4K/8K Ultra HD streaming, the Nighthawk CM1200 is also fully compatible with previous cable standards and is ready for today’s service plans as well as future upgrades.

The Nighthawk CM1200 DOCSIS® 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem is available now at an MSRP of $229.99. For more knowledge, peruse the datasheet.

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