Bright Computing Announces Strategic Alliance with Curtiss-Wright

San Jose, CA --- Bright Computing announces a strategic partnership with Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solution division. The relationship between the two companies began in 2015, when Curtiss-Wright launched an OpenHPEC Initiative to take proven development tools from the commercial HPC market and incorporate them in the design of highly scalable supercomputer-class high performance embedded computing (HPEC) system solutions for the Aerospace & Defense industry. Under the initiative, Curtiss-Wright introduced the OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite™ which includes Bright Cluster Manager and other best-in-class software development tools. OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite includes an industry leading cluster manager, debugger, and profiler from the HPC domain. It supports 40GB Ethernet, InfiniBand, and PCIe fabrics, as well as multiple versions of MPI for communications. Vector libraries offer optimized single and multi-thread functions, for both single and double precision, for demanding, math-intensive applications.

Since 2015, Bright Computing and Curtiss-Wright have collaborated to provide easy -to-deploy and robust HPC solutions, removing obstacles for developers building complex supercomputers in challenging environments.

Today, Bright Computing and Curtiss-Wright share multiple customers that are lead prime contractors in the Aerospace and Defence industry. Together, Bright and Curtiss-Wright solve challenges such as utilizing COTS software instead of custom software to reduce costs, decreasing time to market, and improving performance.

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