Brain-Health Platform Adds Performance Improvement Tools

SyncThink is expanding the software capabilities of its brain-health platform. The added features can be used by healthy individuals to improve dynamic vision, a key characteristic of high performance in sports.  The addition of these tools will also create objective training paradigms that will support professionals during a rehabilitation process after impairments have been identified. The purpose of these tools is to be utilized in early stage screenings or to address deficits that place athletes at additional risk of injury.


The new platform additions will operate in concert with the pre-existing suite of ocular motor and oculovestibular assessments. Like the existing virtual reality (VR) experience, the additions will provide interactive content to the user, allowing for real-time, instantaneous feedback, as well as a selection of graded training paradigms to systematically challenge and quantify the improvement in performance over time.  

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The company also continues to enhance and expand its novel eye tracking applications using a modified virtual reality goggle. By providing comprehensive assessments and aligning them with additional capabilities to improve performance, SyncThink envisions a dynamic and robust platform now fit for daily usage. For more details, visit SyncThink.

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