Board Provides Digital Expansion for Popular Embedded Computers

Board Provides Digital Expansion for Popular Embedded Computers
Sealevel Systems Inc.

Groomed for the company’s Relio computers, two digital input boards, the 8510 and 8511, provide 16 optically isolated inputs with 1.5-kVac isolation. They target I/O intensive applications including process control, test and measurement, and data acquisition. The 8510 board accepts 3 to 30 Vdc inputs while the 8511 handles 0 to 132 Vac. Field wiring connects to the boards using 20-position, removable, high-retention Phoenix terminal blocks compatible with 16 to 30 AWG wire. The 8510 and 8511 are available immediately from stock priced at $129 and $179 respectively. For more info, visit and

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