Board-Level Camera from Basler Vision Components

Board-Level Camera from Basler Vision Components
Basler Vision Technologies
Basler Vision Components, Ahrensburg, Germany, offers a board-level version of its A600f camera for OEMs. The cameras are CMOS-based and have a full-frame shutter, IEEE-1394 interface, operate at up to 100 frames/s at full 656 by 491 resolution, and offer an area of interest (AOI) feature. TTL-level I/O ports connect directly to the camera's electronics. You can combine the camera, one of the company's BCAM 1394 drivers, and a standard 1394 PC adapter board. The camera is 21 g and is smaller than a credit card.

Contact Info

Company: Basler Vision Technologies
Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 4102-463-500

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