Bluetooth Modules from Laird Technologies

Bluetooth Modules from Laird Technologies
Laird Technologies Inc.

Laird Technologies Inc., St. Louis, MO, offers the BTM410, BTM420, BTM510, and BTM520 Bluetooth modules for short-range wireless applications. The BTM410 for data applications is a fully-integrated subminiature Bluetooth data-oriented module that incorporates a full Bluetooth stack, supports a serial port profile, and provides a UART interface and AT command set. The BTM420 is for systems that run an embedded OS with its own Bluetooth stack; it uses the same subminiature format but supports an HCI interface and is preapproved as a Bluetooth Controller subsystem. The BTM510 for audio and multimedia applications supports headset applications and is based on a radio chipset with integrated DSP and includes a full Bluetooth stack and AT command set. The BTM520 Series modules, for power multimedia applications, provides a high-gain, multilayer ceramic antenna for 10 dBm output, an integrated Bluetooth stack with a range of profiles, and a 32-bit DSP.

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Company: Laird Technologies Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-634-2673

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