BiTMICRO N1A6 All Flash Array Delivers the Lowest Cost per I/O

FREMONT, CA -- BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. has achieved the lowest cost per I/O with their storage array, the MAXio All Flash Storage N1A6. The BiTMICRO N1A6 is one of the most cost-competitive all flash arrays in the sub-$75K category. Compared with 15 all flash arrays (some reaching prices of $350k), the N1A6 had the highest 4K random write performance and the highest 4K random read performance.

The N1A6, combining price with high IOPs, delivers a cost per I/O of $0.11 to $0.13. (This is for a fully configured N1A6 with 20TB of raw capacity and 12TB of useable capacity). The tested N1A6 included FlexiRemap data redundancy real-time software, dual redundant power-supplies, and dual 10GbE iSCSI or dual 16GbE FC connections.

When comparing the N1A6 cost per I/O to a SAS 24TB raw capacity RAID system, the N1A6 delivered over 100x more I/Os per second. Also, the cost per I/O for the hard drive RAID system was $6.25 per I/O in comparison to the $0.11 to $0.13 per I/O for the N1A6.

In reviewing available information on other all flash arrays priced between $75k and $350K, the average cost per I/O was $0.85. (The highest was roughly $1.35 per I/O). Notably, the N1A6 was the most cost effective solution with a cost of $0.11 to $0.13 per IOP.

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