The Biggest Breakthrough In Television Audio Has Arrived

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Gone are the frustrating days of reaching for the TV remote to adjust the volume in order to hear dialogue and the way a program was originally intended to sound. Providing a worldwide solution to inconsistent television audio and intelligible audio, AfterMaster TV is the answer consumers have been looking for. This groundbreaking device eliminates the issue of distorted and inconsistent sound levels and substantially raises audio quality in virtually all televisions, regardless of the speaker system or audio controls. The AfterMaster TV box is not much bigger than an iPhone and connects via HDMI cables, between an A/V source and a television.

While sight is the heart of television, sound is the soul as it evokes emotion and excitement during a TV-program or movie watching experience. Hollow, inconsistent sound and the need to constantly adjust TV volume to make dialogue clear has left consumers displeased with programing today. Recognizing this universal problem, the team at AfterMaster spent several years perfecting AfterMaster TV's technology. The innovative device breathes life back into sound by restoring the integrity of the audio as it was originally created.

Developed by a world-class group of music industry professionals including music engineers, producers and audio specialists, AfterMaster TV delivers enhanced, unparalleled sound quality with:
•Clearer, louder and balanced dialogue
•Substantially less volume adjustment
•Exciting and detailed sound never heard before
•More fullness and low end from small speakers

Most importantly, AfterMaster TV provides a far more overall enjoyable audio experience with ease and simplicity. It works on everything from a standard HDMI cable or satellite box, to gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox, as well as streaming products like Apple TV and Roku.

To give consumers the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking product before it arrives in stores, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for AfterMaster TV.

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