Belden’s Enhanced Network Management Software Improves Reliability, Security and Productivity

St. Louis, MO --- Belden Inc. releases the latest version of its Hirschmann network management software. Industrial HiVision 7.0 improves productivity by now allowing the simultaneous configuration of hundreds of SNMP-enabled devices from any manufacturer. A new, customizable Network Dashboard provides instant visibility to key network health indicators, making it easy to take corrective or preventative measures. The result is improved availability and security for industrial networks.

In many industrial facilities, Ethernet networks are growing and changing quickly, and it is increasingly difficult to manage and secure them. The SANS 2016 State of Industrial Control System Security Survey indicates that 67 percent of industrial organizations perceive severe or high levels of threat to control systems, up from 43 percent in 2015. The report also indicates that planned industrial control system security improvements are behind schedule.

The enhanced capabilities of Industrial HiVision 7.0 allow industrial manufacturers to:
• Improve uptime and security by always knowing the status of their network without having to look through multiple network maps to spot problems. The Network Dashboard displays key performance indicators, such as devices with warning or error statuses, security information, and the top 10 worst-performing devices by response time. Network managers can customize it to meet their specific network supervision needs by adding or removing widgets on the indicators of their choice.
• Simultaneously configure hundreds of SNMP-enabled industrial devices, from any manufacturer, not just those from Hirschmann and GarrettCom. Industrial manufacturers can use this feature to configure devices both during commissioning and live operation. This new capability improves engineering productivity, as well as configuration accuracy, a key factor for high network performance and protection.
• Download a no-cost, fully functional 16-node trial version for unlimited use to get hands-on experience with the product’s features and benefits before buying the product. Users can get this version at

Industrial HiVision is designed especially for automation networks and is in use worldwide in the power and utility, transportation, water/wastewater and discrete manufacturing industries.

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