Automatic C Code Generation from MathWorks


MATLAB Coder from MathWorks, Natick, MA, lets you automatically generate readable, portable C and C++ code directly from your MATLAB algorithms. MATLAB Coder supports an extensive set of MATLAB language features for algorithm development, including build-in matrix math operators and dynamic array handling. It also supports hundreds of operators, functions, and System objects, including many advanced algorithms for DSP and communications. MATLAB Coder eliminates the need to manually translate MATLAB algorithm code into C and C++ code for prototyping, implementation, and software integration. The company has also released Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder that simplify code generation for Simulink.

Contact Info

Company: MathWorks
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-647-7000
Fax: 508-647-7001

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