AuthenTec Expands IPsec Toolkit Offering

MELBOURNE, FL -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH), a leading provider of security and identity management solutions, announced a new IP security (IPsec) solution which offers compliance with the newest security standards for mobile and networking devices. AuthenTec's new QuickSec 5.2 Server and Client Toolkits offer compliance with IPsec security standards including updates to IKEv2 and the performance needed for today's multi-core processor-based network routers, carrier-grade security gateways, and mobile VPN devices.

AuthenTec's QuickSec 5.2 Client and Server security toolkits are built on over 20 years of IPsec leadership, and provide support for nearly all IPsec-related standards. These toolkits provide handset makers and networking OEMs an off-the-shelf solution to enable end-to-end secure communication and are available now.

"Our QuickSec 5.2 toolkits further enhance our broad range of security software solutions and are developed to meet the latest security and performance requirements," said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, Vice President of AuthenTec's Embedded Security Solutions. "Our new architecture expands the product into multi-core systems enabling strong security in markets and applications including the rapidly growing smartphone and tablet market, cloud-based computing, advanced networking and digital video."

QuickSec 5.2 Key Features

  • Compliant with all the latest IPsec standards
  • Extensively used in VPN gateways, telecom networks, multi-function peripherals, and mobile devices
  • True multicore support for maximum scalability
  • Supports Android to enable OEM developers to build robust VPN security into mobile clients
  • Full support for IPV4 and IPV6 in control and data planes
  • Secure mobility with support for MOBIKE
  • Fully interoperable with a wide range of IPsec gateways
  • Carrier-grade with support for more than a million concurrent tunnels and unbeaten tunnel setup rates
  • Dual mode IKE (IKEv1 and IKEv2) with wide authentication method support (PSKs, PKI, EAP, RADIUS)
  • Seamless integration with AuthenTec SafeXcel Hardware Security Accelerators
  • Small runtime footprint with deterministic memory allocation ensuring linear scalability
  • Available in ANSI C and highly portable source code
  • Extensive documentation and Professional customer support

QuickSec 5.2 Server Toolkit enables robust and standards-compliant authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity for routers, security gateways, and network servers. QuickSec 5.2 Server Toolkit is a complete IPsec toolkit that provides a carrier-grade IPsec VPN solution for networking device developers. Fully interoperable with QuickSec and other standards-based clients, the server toolkit includes latest IKEv2 as well as MOBIKE for mobile VPN client support. QuickSec 5.2 Server Toolkit supports Linux 2.6, MontaVista Linux, Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP, Microsoft Windows Server, WindRiver VxWorks, and many other operating systems through portability layer.

QuickSec 5.2 Client Toolkit enables developers to build robust IPsec VPN client functionality into mobile networking devices. It integrates seamlessly with QuickSec 5.2 Server and supports the latest mobile VPN standards and platforms, including the IPsec authentication protocol MOBIKE, as well as mobile platforms such as Android. QuickSec 5.2 Client Toolkit supports Android, Linux 2.6, MontaVista Linux, Windows 7/Vista/XP, and WindRiver VxWorks.

AuthenTec's comprehensive security solutions are deployed by the world's leading chip manufacturers, and PC, mobile phone and networking OEMs. Its comprehensive portfolio includes fingerprint sensor hardware, identity management software and embedded security. AuthenTec's award-winning SafeXcel semiconductor IP and QuickSec Software toolkits enable complete security systems—delivering fast time-to-market while reducing design and engineering cost. SafeXcel IP security engines enable silicon-proven security in next-generation system on a chip (SoC) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) designs. AuthenTec's QuickSec IPsec and QuickSec MACsec toolkits provide total wired security at Layer 2 and 3, and its DRM Fusion Agent and Server solutions enable the protection, distribution and monetization of digital content.

About AuthenTec
AuthenTec is the world's #1 provider of fingerprint sensors, identity management software, and embedded security solutions. AuthenTec solutions address enterprise, consumer and government applications for a growing base of top tier global customers. Already shipped on hundreds of millions of devices, the Company's smart sensor products, software and embedded security solutions are used virtually everywhere, from the PC on your desk to the mobile device in your hand to the server in the cloud. AuthenTec offers developers and users secure and convenient ways to manage today's rapidly evolving digital identities and security needs.