Augusta Systems and Microsoft to Partner

MORGANTOWN, WV -- Augusta Systems Inc., a provider of technologies that power the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks, has teamed with Microsoft Corp. to support integration of real-time data, events and control functions into public safety and homeland security solutions built upon Microsoft's Fusion Core Solution.

Through the collaboration, Augusta Systems' EdgeFrontier middleware will serve as a flexible platform for intelligent connectivity of critical systems and devices within Fusion Core Solution, an easy-to-use, quick-to-configure solution designed to help justice and public safety professionals more effectively collaborate.

"EdgeFrontier complements Fusion Core Solution by enhancing the collection, management, and dissemination of vital information from diverse sources," said David Stampfli, Technical Architect at Microsoft. "EdgeFrontier allows us to integrate diverse data sources into SharePoint Server more easily than we ever could before. What impresses me the most about EdgeFrontier is how much can be done without writing a single line of code! It's the classic 'better together' story."

EdgeFrontier products from Augusta Systems support integration and normalization of data, events, and control functions from diverse devices, systems, and networks, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol, as well as provide structures for event processing and configuration of event or policy-based actions through a policy engine. Fusion Core Solution combines the robust capabilities of ESRI ArcGIS Advanced Enterprise server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to seamlessly move information from intake to analysis to dissemination in a multiple-agency, multi-level environment.

Within Fusion Core Solution, EdgeFrontier can be used to intelligently integrate data from a number of critical sources, as well as disseminate alerts, alarms, notifications, and other information. These diverse sources include, among others, new and legacy systems and equipments:

  • gunshot location–detection systems
  • radar devices and systems
  • threat-detection devices, such as CBRNE sensors
  • severe weather or hazard information from sensors or RSS feeds
  • physical security assets

"EdgeFrontier powers the intelligent convergence of data from diverse sources, making it an ideal platform for the integration and management of data within Fusion Core Solution," said Patrick Esposito, Chief Executive Officer of Augusta Systems. "By combining EdgeFrontier with Fusion Core Solution from Microsoft, security agencies can enhance their emergency response capabilities."

About Augusta Systems
Augusta Systems Inc. powers the intelligent convergence of devices, systems, and networks. The award-winning Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier products provide configurable technology platforms for building and managing complex monitoring, control and automation solutions, including applications for safety and security, energy and utility management, building management, asset tracking, and other business functions.

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