Attunity Expands Big Data Replication

BURLINGTON, MA -- Attunity Ltd. (NASDAQ: ATTU), a leading provider of information availability software solutions, announced the release and general availability of Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication (EFR). The latest version of the Attunity solution is designed to enable organizations to quickly and easily replicate data files to, from and between Apache Hadoop, the large volume storage platform that enables Big Data analytics. Attunity RepliWeb for EFR enables mission-critical initiatives including business intelligence (BI) and Big Data analytics that inform strategic decisions and drive competitive advantage.

With today's increasing Big Data demands, Apache Hadoop is proving to be an economic, elastic and highly-effective solution for data storage and analysis. Helping clients meet Big Data demands, Attunity RepliWeb for EFR empowers organizations to move large amounts of data in and out of Hadoop. These capabilities are especially suited to industries that need to process Big Data on a regular basis such as e-commerce, healthcare, infrastructure management and mobile.

Attunity RepliWeb for EFR 6.0 features:

  • High-performance integration to HDFS with support for a variety of Hadoop distributions including Apache Hadoop, Greenplum HD & Hortonworks
  • Dashboards and notifications to monitor and control large-scale data movement
  • Enhanced proprietary file transfer technology specifically designed to overcome the challenges of Big Data and working in distributed environments.
  • Data collection management for hundreds or thousands of nodes, with full support of Windows, Unix, Linux, and HDFS file systems.
  • Interaction with AWS S3 via Attunity CloudBeam SaaS service, allowing service subscribers to push Big Data to S3 without the need to install and manage cloud appliances.

"Increasingly, organizations are using Apache Hadoop because of its ability to store and process hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data across thousands of servers, while providing a means to run jobs across those machines efficiently," explained Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development at Hortonworks, a leading commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop. "Hadoop is unique because of its ability to process massive amounts of data. Hortonworks shares Attunity's vision to help organizations bridge the gap between Hadoop and Big Data sources more quickly, easily and affordably. We look forward to continuing to work with Attunity in this regard to ensure that enterprises can continue to benefit from Big Data analytics worldwide."

"Our customers spoke and we listened," explained Matt Benati, VP Global Marketing at Attunity. "When they expressed a need for an enterprise-grade solution capable of making Big Data available in Hadoop, we answered with Attunity RepliWeb for EFR 6.0. Our newly-enhanced solution answers this market need with full manageability, high performance and ease of use. Attunity helps organizations bypass the complexities associated with the difficult task of moving data to Hadoop and the cloud while enabling them to put their data to immediate use for competitive advantage. Attunity is the smart choice for businesses that need to move any data, anywhere, anytime."

About Attunity
Attunity is a leading provider of information availability software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data, including Big Data, across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. Our software solutions include data replication, change data capture (CDC), data connectivity, enterprise file replication (EFR) and managed-file-transfer (MFT). Using Attunity's software solutions, our customers enjoy significant business benefits by enabling real-time access and availability of data and files where and when needed, across the maze of heterogeneous systems making up today's IT environment.

Attunity has supplied innovative software solutions to its enterprise-class customers for nearly 20 years and has successful deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide. Attunity provides software directly and indirectly through a number of partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and HP. Headquartered in Boston, Attunity serves its customers via offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and through a network of local partners.

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