Atrenne Integrated Solutions Provides Chassis for Degraded Visual Environment Pilotage System

BROCKTON, MA -- Atrenne Integrated Solutions has been selected by a top defense company to supply Air Transport Rack (ATR) chassis for the Degraded Visual Environment Pilotage System (DVEPS). DVEPS provides helicopter pilots with improved visibility in degraded environments, allowing them to avoid obstacles during landing.

The rugged ATR enclosures are derivatives of the standard product 717 Series and the D2D-34TLA chassis; both available off-the-shelf from Atrenne. These chassis are key enabling components of a DVEPS solution that achieves unmatched performance in a reduced size, weight and power (SWAP) envelope.

Atrenne provides two types of enclosures to the DVEPS provider; conduction cooled and air cooled. Both were delivered with configurable backplanes so development could begin before the module interconnect architecture was completely defined. The 717 and D2D-34TLA chassis are both designed with the flexibility required for lab development and the ruggedization required for deployment.

"The DVEPS chassis designs are an excellent example of how industry leading prime contractors can partner with Atrenne to accelerate product development and deployment," said Chris Boutilier, president of Atrenne Computing Solutions, a division of Atrenne Integrated Solutions. "Atrenne was able to leverage existing COTS designs to meet stringent application requirements, reducing technical and business risk to the program."

Over 100 rugged chassis designs, representing a small subset of Atrenne's total library of COTS enclosures, may be viewed at

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