Atmel Releases Sensor Software Drivers

SAN JOSE, CA /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel Corp., a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch solutions, announces the release of the Sensors Xplained software drivers, integrated with the recently-launched AVR Studio 5 Integrated Development Environment. The new software drivers, accelerate application and device development by providing driver and calibration support for a variety of the most popular sensor types used in consumer, industrial, and medical applications.

Atmel has teamed with a number of the leading sensor manufacturers to make the necessary sensor drivers available as part of the AVR Studio 5 development environment, including AKM, Bosch Sensortec, Honeywell, Invensense, Kionix, and Osram Opto Semiconductors in the initial release. The company plans to support and release drivers for additional companies and products over time. The driver software is available directly from Atmel, and provides basic interface functionality with both raw data and calibrated engineering unit outputs, using a standard API, to simplify application development. There are also a number of higher level application examples available as library functions both from Atmel and several of the sensor suppliers, optimized for the AVR architecture, that provide support for sensor fusion algorithms used in many applications.

"There is increasing demand to incorporate sensors into a broad range of applications, which makes it essential that there be support for a wide variety of microcontrollers," said Adrian Woolley, Marketing Director for Microcontrollers, Atmel Corp. "With Atmel Sensors Xplained software drivers and expansion boards, our customers can now quickly develop sensor applications with easy-to-use drivers and ready-to-use sensor boards to significantly accelerate their ability to rapidly bring prototype designs to market. Atmel MCU solutions provide lower power and higher performance, with more flexibility and now provide the necessary development environment to help designers make these new products a reality."

The Atmel Sensors Xplained software drivers and expansion boards are designed to be plug-in-compatible with all the Xplained series MCU boards for the Atmel AVR family of MCUs. The Sensors Xplained software drivers address core challenges of using sensors, including calibration and scaling, data conversion and interoperability, for a variety of sensor vendors. The Atmel sensor solution provides designers with the AVR Xplained processor board and development system, a sensors board to add onto the Xplained processor board, and the software drivers in the free Atmel AVR 5 Studio.

More Information
For more information about the Atmel Sensors Xplained series, please click here.

Pricing and Availability
The Atmel Sensors Xplained drivers are available now by downloading AVR Studio 5. There are also a variety of Sensors Xplained expansion boards available now:

  • Inertial Sensor Board One (ATAVRSBIN1) provides 9 degrees of freedom for inertial sensing. Includes an Invensense ITG-3200 3-axis gyro, Bosch Sensortec BMA150 3-axis accelerometer, and AKM AK8975 3-axis magnetometer for $54.
  • Inertial Sensor Board Two (ATAVRSBIN2) provides 9 degrees of freedom for inertial sensing and includes an Invensense IMU-3000 3-axis gyro, Kionix KXTF9 3-axis accelerometer, and Honeywell HMC5883L 3-axis magnetometer for $54.
  • Pressure Sensor Board One (ATAVRSBPR1) includes a Bosch Sensortec BMP085 barometric pressure sensor for atmospheric and altitude sensing for $24.

About Atmel
Atmel Corp. is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers; capacitive touch solutions; and advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory, and radio frequency components. Leveraging one of the industry's broadest intellectual property technology portfolios, Atmel is able to provide the electronics industry with complete system solutions, focused on industrial, consumer, communications, computing, and automotive markets.

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