Atmel Announces SOMNIUM's DRT Software Tools Available in Atmel Studio 7

SAN JOSE, CA -- Atmel Corporation and SOMNIUM Technologies today announced the availability of SOMNIUM DRT as an extension to the recently launched Atmel Studio 7—a fully integrated development environment (IDE) leveraging the Microsoft Visual Studio Shell.

The SOMNIUM®DRT Atmel Studio Extension is the only product that offers improved code generation while maintaining full compatibility with industry-standard GNU tools that are widely used by Atmel customers. DRT enhances Atmel Studio 7 by enabling superior quality C and C++ code generation for Atmel | SMART ARM®-based microcontrollers (MCUs), resulting in reduced flash requirement for applications, faster code execution, and reduced power consumption. DRT installs as an alternate toolchain, seamlessly replacing the Atmel GNU tools, making SOMNIUM's patented-resequencing optimizations available to Atmel Studio users without complex software rewriting and no costly staff retraining.

Unlike traditional tools that only consider the ARM Cortex-based processor, DRT recognizes the processor coupling and memory system, automatically applying a new series of device-specific optimizations. Developers using SOMNIUM's DRT products have a significant advantage over their competitors, reaching the market faster with higher performance, greater energy efficiency and more profitable designs.

In the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market, there is a demand for smart, connected devices requiring more feature-rich MCUs that are cost-effective, lower in power and easier to program than ever before. Atmel's innovative designs are leading the way with a strong focus on energy efficiency without compromising performance—a key requirement in many IoT applications. DRT allows developers to further enhance the performance and energy management of their Atmel-based designs, while optimizing their bill-of-materials costs by reducing memory requirements.

"By adding the SOMNIUM DRT to Atmel's software and tools ecosystem, our developers can take their projects to market with improved code generation," said Henrik Flodell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Development Tools, Atmel. "With access to high-quality tools, developers can optimize memory-constrained systems for performance along with power efficiency. SOMNIUM's advanced technology brings additional value to our customers in these areas."

"SOMNIUM is bringing a whole new approach to the embedded software development tools sector which will enable embedded systems developers to introduce new products to market faster, with lower associated costs and increases in both performance and energy efficiency," said Dave Edwards, SOMNIUM's CEO and CTO. "Working with Atmel Corporation, we can bring significant competitive advantage to their customers, further enhancing the benefits they already gain from their innovative technology without requiring them to change their source code or development environment."


A 21-day trial of SOMNIUM® DRT Atmel® Studio Extension for SMART MCUs can be downloaded free of charge from the Atmel Gallery. An annual license with full commercial support is available from SOMNIUM for $750 USD.

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