ATCi Introduces TE-3000 Spectrum Analyzer Test Instrument

CHANDLER, AZ -- Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ATCi) announces the introduction of the TE-3000 Advanced Spectrum Analyzer. The ATCi high-performance light-weight instrument features superior performance, advanced Color TV/SAT Meter, durable construction that is compatible with analog, digital (DVB) satellite standard.

The TE-3000 is the ultimate field test instrument for both terrestrial and satellite covering North America and world standards. The new design offers exceptional user friendliness and accuracy that surpasses the previous models. With its panoramic 7" bright display, it provides the user with the ability to not only monitor the decoded picture but also the ability to view several measurements simultaneously.

"Following the success of the ATCi TE-2000HD spectrum analyzers, the TE-3000 performs all the functions of the earlier units plus so much more, and all contained within a smaller and lighter package," said Gary Hatch, CEO. "By consistently enhancing our product offerings, ATCi continues to expand the scope of our business in a positive, productive way."

The TE-3000 units are currently available, in-stock, and ready for shipment.

For further information:
Call: 480-844-8501