ASIC Modules for Energy Harvesting from EnOcean

EnOcean Inc.

EnOcean, Boston, MA, offers energy harvesting wireless modules based on its Dolphin ASIC, which supports self-powered 2-way wireless communications, ultra-low-power sleep modes, and the ability to self-power actuators such as water valves and air vents. The Dolphin platform's integrated ASIC uses the EnOcean Alliance wireless standard, provides built-in functions to speed OEM entry into the building automation market, supports synchronization of sensors, and provides support for RF acknowledgements as well as integrated sensing/control functions. Modules ship out of the box with extensive firmware functionalities built in, such as basic switching, dimming, and measuring. Dolphin Studio is support software for custom firmware development, RF packet monitoring, and C-based code sampling.

Contact Info

Company: EnOcean Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 801-312-0116

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