Article Explains Using DAP Systems With Python

Article Explains Using DAP Systems With Python
Microstar Laboratories Inc.

Microstar Laboratories has added an article to its web site that discusses how a DAP system and its onboard operating system, DAPL, can be used with Python for high-performance data acquisition. The article focuses on digitizing multiple audio channels. Python is a flexible working environment, well-suited to managing short, repeatable tests. The Python part of the system ably organizes and manages the data with its built-in library capabilities. All of the complicated real-time interactions with hardware devices are delegated to the DAPL operating system running in an embedded environment on the DAP boards. Automatic buffering and data transfer management are provided by the DAPL system. On the host application side, the DAPIO programming interface provides access functions for configuration, process management, and data storage. The result is that you do not need special real-time operating system configurations or customized Python implementations. The article is available at

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