Arrayent Releases EcoAdaptor API Framework to Create Interoperability Between Connected Products

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- One of the biggest challenges facing adoption of ‘smart home’ products has been a dearth of solutions that actually produce value commensurate with their price in consumers’ minds. To date, slow adoption has proven the majority of consumers have not been enamored enough by smart home products to shape their buying decisions. But they are slowly discovering the added value of products that automatically work together without requiring a pre-planned purchase of like-products from the same brand.

Arrayent, the consumer IoT platform chosen by trusted brands with experience helping launch more than 65 consumer IoT products from 17 brands across 81 countries and five continents, believes that the future success of the so-called ‘smart home’ will be achieved through autonomous product interoperability—where consumers discover that different products work together after they buy them instead of being forced to plan ahead.

Introducing the Arrayent EcoAdaptor API

Arrayent’s goal is to seamlessly make products work together, and allow third-party developers to create new customer value. In progress toward that goal, Arrayent today announced the Arrayent EcoAdaptor API (Application Programming Interface) that lets brand manufacturers easily tap into other major ecosystems. The EcoAdaptor API Framework enables cloud-to-cloud interoperation, while preserving operational security and allowing for third-party development.

Arrayent also today announced that its EcoAdaptor for Nest, the first in its own series of EcoAdaptors, has earned “Works with Nest” certification. The Arrayent EcoAdaptor for Nest is currently being used by major consumer brands like Procter & Gamble and others to make use of the Nest learning thermostat’s sensors to determine whether occupants are at home or away—providing added value to each brand’s products. (See further details in today’s press release: Arrayent EcoAdaptor Service Now Certified to Work With Nest.)

In the near future, Arrayent plans to launch additional EcoAdaptors, which will enable interoperability with a number of major IoT ecosystems. The company will also expand its developer support by launching a software developer’s kit (SDK) in addition to today’s announced API framework. The API and forthcoming SDK will allow Arrayent clients to easily develop their own EcoAdaptors internal to their companies, reducing time to deployment and helping expedite necessary certification processes. The Arrayent EcoAdaptor service is currently available as a premium service to any Arrayent client who uses the Arrayent Connect™ IoT Platform.

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