Apprion Launches ION Emissions Monitoring Application

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire) -- Apprion, the leading provider of wireless application systems and services for industrial facilities, revealed its ION Emissions Monitoring Application, which reliably provides predictable, accurate monitoring of gas emissions and imminent hazard situations in industrial facilities.

Mounting environmental legislation places greater demands on managers of industrial facilities to maintain strict controls over a host of gas emissions. Yet managers are often left struggling with old emissions monitoring systems that require operators to laboriously transcribe data collected from sensors manually into spreadsheets; a methodology fraught with delays and error.

The ION Emissions Monitoring Application automatically feeds data from cost-effective wireless sensors into the ION integrated dashboard and provides reporting capability that simplifies the challenge of monitoring, managing, and verifying a facility's environmental emissions.

"ION Emissions Monitoring allows any manager, anywhere, to stay fully aware of potential and emerging emissions hazards," said Sarah Prinster, VP of Marketing at Apprion. "It also allows smart decisions to be made quickly if an incident occurs, which eliminates or minimizes potential damages."

ION Emissions Monitoring is a part of the ION Condition Monitoring Application Family and fully integrated with Apprion's ION System, a comprehensive industrial wireless application networking system. Combined with other safety critical applications such as ION Emergency Notification and ION Mustering, facilities will operate at the optimal safety level. ION Emissions Monitoring also serves as a framework to unify disparate monitoring hardware technology into a single dashboard for a complete view of emissions conditions and status.

ION Emissions provides rapid updates and visualizations, based on actual weather and gas sensor data, showing gas concentrations at any point, dosage and/or building infiltration. The ION System dashboard allows operators to view real-time, color-coded status of monitors, displayed in green, yellow or red. The system automatically triggers alarms if a gas sensor detects a chemical release, and the color-coding shows the exact location and extent of the problem, allowing immediate, pinpoint response as well as accurate reporting and post-event analysis.

The ION Emissions Monitoring Application is designed to reliably provide:

  • Validated data derived from a combination of sensor information and modeling patterns that immediately identify and help predict and manage hazardous events.
  • Crucial data for quickly making the highly informed decisions that must be made within the first minutes of detection.
  • Constant, accurate situational awareness, from 24/7 monitoring and detection.
  • Greater pre-event employee awareness.
  • Greater protection for employees, contractors, and the surrounding community.
  • Event storage for post-event analysis or regulatory defense.

Safety professionals must take every precaution to prevent an airborne hazardous material event from taking place. If an organization faces the risk of impacting the safety of its employees and the surrounding community, it is imperative to be prepared to manage an event quickly and efficiently. The ION Emissions alerts allow a potentially hazardous situation to be addressed in real-time.

About Apprion
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