App Suits Those Who Don’t Like Sleeping With Their Toys

Rumor has it that more and more people are going to bed these days with a plethora of devices, most of which are no longer just electro-mechanical in nature. Motion detectors, dataloggers of various import (and export), heart-rate and blood pressure monitors, air-quality detectors, sound recorders, and, you name it and you can probably find it in someone’s bed.

In many instances, these devices are used to monitor a health condition, enhance sleep, and/or to detect a sleep behavior that needs to be corrected before it becomes a health issue. Be that as it may, people are using devices during sleep for whatever reason they choose or need.

Swedish game and health app developer offers an upgrade of its Sleep Cycle iOS app that eliminates the need to place devices in a bed to detect sound and motion. The new version, Sleep Cycle 5.0, is powered by a patented, state-of-the-art sound analysis technology that uses a smartphones’s microphone in conjunction with a highly intelligent algorithm to analyze sound and identify movement from its user while in bed.

What makes this app distinguishable from similar apps on the market is that it does not rely on the phone's accelerometer to track movement. Hence, it eliminates the need for sleep tracking devices placed in bed.

Other new features include a sleep 'Trends' tab that provides a sleep trends overview, in-depth sleep history, easier social sharing, and world sleep statistics. Sleep Cycle 5.0 has also been optimized for users sharing beds with a partner. The two activated devices communicate automatically through Wi-Fi and determine which user the sound is coming from. No sound is downloaded externally or stored on the device. Once the sound has been analyzed by Sleep Cycle in real-time and added to the sleep analysis, the sound is instantly discarded.

Out of curiosity, I wonder how this app would work for waterbed users. Might be fun. For more info, visit the PRODUCT PAGE. You can also visit the NORTHCUBE WEBSITE.

To download Sleep Cycle 5.0, CLICK HERE

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