App Eases User Access To Cognex Platform Cameras

App Eases User Access To Cognex Platform Cameras

Currently, Cognex In-Sight machine vision sensors have an independent set of usernames and passwords per device that require setup and management. The greater the number of cameras, the greater the probability of a lost password, unauthorized access, or unintentional restricted access. Additionally, users must login into individual cameras on the given production line. Integro Technologies’ has developed VisionVault software for effective and efficient user management and traceability with data archiving for the Cognex In-Sight platform. Using Microsoft Active Directory, VisionVault streamlines the validation process, while granting the capability to manage Cognex In-Sight user access by production factory, production line, cell, camera, or a unique combination for the staff. The Database Query tells administrators who logged in, which camera they logged in to, when they logged in, what terminal they logged in from, and what changes they made. VisionVault offers:
• FDA: 21Part 11 compliance database
• User-Authentication through Microsoft Active Directory
• Preconfigured & Customizable SQL Reports
• Industry-Standard Network Architecture
• Streamlined Validation Procedures
• Microsoft .NET Compliant- SQL 2012
• Supported Operating Systems: MS Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) and MS Server 2008 R2 (for server only)
• Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (+v8.0), Google Chrome (+v17), and Firefox
• Cognex In-sight Explorer 4.9.3+

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