App Eases Electronics Enclosure Selection

App Eases Electronics Enclosure Selection
Rittal Corp.

Rittal Corporation offers the Rittal TS 8 Turnkey Selector to help users easily specify the right electronics enclosure for their applications. The TS 8 is a freestanding enclosure capable of a vast array of design variations and modular configurations with numerous accessories. The app is designed to simplify identifying the best complete enclosure solution. A part-finder function lets users enter dimensions and then displays the part number of the recommended enclosure along with a list of features. An intuitive cross reference tool compares competitive part numbers and a mapping feature allows users to quickly find the closest distributor throughout the United States or Canada. Have a whack at the app at

Rittal Corp.
Schaumburg, IL
[email protected]

Contact Info

Company: Rittal Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-477-4000

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