Antimicrobial Sensors from Interlink Electronics

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Interlink Electronics Inc.

The AM Sensor Line from Interlink Electronics Inc., Camarillo, CA, is a range of force, position, and mouse-pointing sensors that have a hard-coated film with antimicrobial protection, inhibiting the growth of microbes on the touchable surfaces. The line includes the VersaPad input touchpad sensor for finger-tip-based cursor pointing or stylus-based pen input for electronics signature and character recognition applications; the Force Sensing Linear Potentiometer that captures simultaneous position and force in compact applications such as medical instruments, home entertainment devices, control panels, and mobile phones; and the Ring Sensor for capturing rotary position in compact applications.

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Company: Interlink Electronics Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 805-484-8855
Fax: 805-484-9457

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