Announcing Aware Technology

PORTLAND, ME /Marketwire/ -- Aware Technology has been formed, based on NASA R&D, additional layered intellectual property, and the vision of industry professionals, to deliver the next step in the evolution of HMI/SCADA, DCS systems and historians—layered analytics, delivering "Automation Confidence through System Awareness."

Aware Technology will deliver an automated learning solution that builds a knowledge base of process experience to deliver both operational confidence metrics and anomaly detection. The product, Process Data Monitor (PDM), will integrate with all existing HMI/SCADA, DCS and Historian solutions through both native interfaces and industry standards, such as OPC. PDM will also integrate directly with automation components, such as sensors and controllers, through a PDM data gateway. Gateway collected data will be delivered to PDM running as an enterprise appliance or to PDM running as a hosted private cloud application.

Target markets initially include process and hybrid applications. Examples include oil and gas production and refining, power generation and distribution, water purification, wastewater treatment, chemical manufacturing, metals manufacturing, mining, and building automation. PDM will complement your existing advanced process control, health monitoring, and asset management systems.

"This is not a grass roots startup," commented Peter Millett, Chairman and CTO of Aware Technology. "iSagacity, a services company I co-founded in 2004, initially pioneered this technology in 2006, licensing and improving upon NASA's patents and offering it to our customers in the nuclear industry as a service. We've formed Aware Technology to improve the product and deliver it to the masses, under the guidance of Roy Kok, our President and longtime automation industry veteran."

"This product represents the natural next evolution of virtually all automation systems," stated Roy Kok, President of Aware Technology. "It is widely known that 50% of automation engineers and operators are likely to retire over the next 5 to 10 years. This is a major loss of experience for the industry as a whole, and the focus will be on capturing experience into a database to offer guidance to new personnel and give operators and engineers the tools to be proactive in process management rather than reactive to process alarms and failures. Other solutions focus on advanced process control through complicated modeling processes and can't deliver confidence metrics. Our solution is quite unique and is designed for the majority of the market, even addressing applications that do not have control rooms today, like building and facilities management."

About Aware
Aware Technology delivers "Automation Confidence through System Awareness," by offering automated learning technology, based on a combination of NASA pattern recognition, data-clustering algorithms, and automation industry–specific intellectual property.

Founded in 2011, Aware Technology delivers its PDM technology, with an assortment of supporting products and technology, delivered as an enterprise appliance or as a software-as-a-service private cloud-hosted application.

PDM learns from the day-to-day operation of your systems and automatically generates an experience database. It then generates confidence metrics for usual behavior and delivers notification on unusual behavior.

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