ANGSTREM and IBM Collaborate

MOSCOW /PRNewswire/ -- IBM Corp. and the Scientific and Production Association (SPA), Angstrem, and Angstrem-T have signed two agreements to spur technology innovation.

Through the first agreement, IBM has licensed Angstrem integrated circuit technology of the topological size of 90 nm. With the license, Angstrem plans to manufacture microelectronic devices, such as chips and sensors for use in the industrial and consumer sectors. Besides the license for the use of the technology, Angstrem will receive design rules from IBM required for contract manufacturing organizations so that the company will be able to offer smart foundry services to Russian and foreign customers.

The State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) will provide Angstrem with funding for the development of the new technology at a newly built factory in Zelenograd for microelectronics under the enterprise Angstrem-T.

"IBM's advanced technologies in microelectronics—the primary sector of the innovation economy—will help to accelerate the development of innovations in other related industries," said Alexey Litvinov, the General Director of Angstrem.

A second Memorandum of Understanding agreement outlines areas of potential mutual cooperation in the field of research and development activities with the use of advanced technology. The memorandum was signed by Anton Alexeev, General Director of Angstrem-T, Alexey Litvinov, Director General of the SPA, Angstrem and Siamak Kia, IBM Research and Intellectual Property Executive, at this year's international forum for innovative development, "Open Innovation," in Moscow.

"Technological innovation has a huge role to play in Russia's economic development and in improving the quality of life by increasing access to new technologies, systems, and devices. We are excited about our agreement with Angstrem, which underscores IBM's commitment to open innovation and partnership strategies. I expect the next logical step in this partnership to be microelectronics packaging technologies to further expand and deepen the growing relationship," said Siamak Kia, IBM Research and Intellectual Property Executive.

According to the memorandum, the parties will explore mutually beneficial models and opportunities for potential cooperation in new markets requiring advanced technology innovation and development. In particular, IBM's Research Group plans to explore participation with Angstrem in joint development aligned with IBM's "Smarter Planet" strategy, which focuses on using technology to improve the quality of life through making the world more "instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent."

The partnership and cooperation will operate across many different fields, including chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, materials science, mathematics, physics, and microelectronics.

"We are proud of our partnership with IBM—a world leader in innovation. The agreement will allow us to collaborate globally, tapping into world best practice and skills to help solve some of the most serious technological challenges facing the industry," said Anton Alekseev, General Director of Angstrem-T.

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