Analysis App Adds AI Muscle


With an emphasis on providing greater interpretability and transparency in artificial intelligence (AI), the latest release of SAS Viya helps data scientists and business users better understand their models and adjust them for optimum results. The SAS software also includes added features to integrate open source AI technologies directly into SAS Viya and help organizations use AI to automate analytics for better data privacy protection.


Transparency of AI-generated Decisions


As the complexity of machine learning models increases, it becomes harder to determine why they made a certain prediction. The models offer a probability but can be opaque and hard to interpret. Interpretability, the ability to understand the cause of a decision and consistently predict a model's result, is crucial for trust in AI and machine learning.


For example, when an AI-aided financial tool denies a mortgage application, or an AI-aided HR application makes a hiring recommendation, it is important to understand why the AI system made its recommendation. In regulated industries such as health care and life sciences, lack of transparency can be a barrier to AI adoption.


SAS Viya now features advanced analytics with built-in frameworks such as PD, LIME, and ICE. These features ensure fairness and transparency for organizations deploying AI solutions.


Better Data Privacy


Protection of customers' personal information is a top priority for organizations to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR. As data volumes grow, organizations need to identify and better manage and protect personal information.


With its new intelligent tagging capability, SAS Viya automates identification and management of private data such as age, address and financial information. Once the data is identified, it can be tagged and managed in accordance with privacy policies and regulations.


Integration of Open Source Methods


As new innovations in AI and machine learning are introduced at an increasing pace, organizations seek ways to unify their AI and analytics assets. Additions to SAS Viya give users the ability to integrate Python, R and SAS models into SAS Viya. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server support is also available in this release. You can learn more about integrating AI by downloading the “Artificial Intelligence for Executives” paper. Also pay a visit to SAS.