Analog Output Boards from United Electronic Industries

Analog Output Boards from United Electronic Industries
United Electronic Industries (UEI) Inc.

United Electronic Industries, Canton, MA, offers its DNA-AO-308 Series of analog output boards for its PowerDNA compact distributed Ethernet-based DA and control system. Each PowerDNA cube combines a core module, with processor and network interface, and 3–6 open I/O slots. The DNA-AO-308 Series offers 8 analog output channels with max. update rates of 100 kHz/channel. The DNA-AO-308 provides ±10 V, ±5 mA outputs, the DNA-AO-308-350 provides ±10 V, ±50 mA outputs, the DNA-AO-308-353 provides ±40 V, ±5 mA outputs, and the DNA-AO-308-420 provides 4–20 mA outputs. Other features include 1500 V isolation, one DAC/channel, double-buffered low-glitch outputs, and 3 utility digital I/O.

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Company: United Electronic Industries (UEI) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-921-4600
Fax: 508-668-2350

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