Amp'ed RF offering stack source code for BLE 5.0

SAN JOSE, CA -- Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology announces an industry first-of-its-kind offer. The licensing of Ampe'd UP Host BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) software protocol stack for chipmakers and IoT players who want the convenience of owning the source code to further develop their own BLE into their SoC's (System on Chips.) The software protocol supports Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as voice, wearables, audio, automotive, health, appliances, toys, consumer electronics and more.

Amp'ed UP Host BLE protocol stack supports Bluetooth specifications for v4.2. There will be an update to v5.0 coming soon. Avoid dependency on vendor updates by owning the full stack source code. "With Amp'ed UP Host BLE, you own the code, not library files, so your engineers can quickly integrate it into your product," said Naz Usmani, vice president of sales at Amp'ed RF. Amp'ed RF has been designing advanced agile Bluetooth protocol stacks since Bluetooth spec v2.1. Now on its fourth generation, Amp'ed UP Host BLE offers a faster time to market for embedded software products in the exploding BLE market.

Amp'ed UP Host BLE comes complete with the Low Energy layers: L2CAP LE, GAP LE, ATT, GATT and SM (Security Manger). It can support central and peripheral roles with great flexibility for applications such as Wi-Fi simplified setup and voice over BLE. Unlike other providers, Amp'ed RF also offers many different source code and porting options for the use of the BLE stack. Amp'ed RF provides wireless devices such as the ART6212 and BT53 to demonstrate the robust capabilities of Amp'ed UP Host BLE.

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