AMI to Boost WSN Chip Market 300% in 2011

LONDON, U.K. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Shipments of 802.15.4-based WSN (wireless sensor network) ICs continued to show extremely strong growth in the second half of 2010 as demand for ICs for trials and early pilots returned after the sharp decline in 2009.

New ABI Research market data shows that 802.15.4 IC shipments for the final quarter of 2010 and into 2011 are showing growing demand for the standardized WSN capabilities of 802.15.4 ICs.

"2010 showed WSN IC shipment growth of more than 300% over the previous year," says ABI Research principal analyst Jonathan Collins, "largely due to severe impact of the recession on early-stage 802.15.4 adoption and trials. Even with many key AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) deployments expected to launch in 2011, the level of year-on-year growth will be far lower this year."

While growth rates will drop, shipments are still expected to grow strongly, with 2011 almost doubling 2010 shipment numbers. Much of that growth will come as the WSN market continues to move from proprietary to standardized offerings, leveraging 802.15.4 silicon.

Practice director Sam Lucero adds, "Initiatives such as ZigBee RF4CE are already attracting new players into the 802.15.4 market with the promise of a globally standardized environment for 802.15.4 offerings."

802.15.4-based technology delivers short range wireless connectivity to a range of markets including smart energy, home, building and industrial automation, and wireless healthcare.

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