Alignment System Computer Interface from Pinpoint

Alignment System Computer Interface from Pinpoint
Pinpoint Laser Systems

Pinpoint Laser Systems Inc., Peabody, MA, offers a computer interface module for its Laser Microgage 2D alignment system. The module, consisting of USB and RS-232 interfaces and Pinpoint Capture software, can be added or removed from the alignment system by disconnecting the interfacing cable that ties into the back of the Microgage's display. The software lets you select and collect data and also lets you scale measurement readings, apply offsets, change units, and view the readings in a variety of numerical or graphic formats. You can also set limit settings and indicators. The software can record measurements in continuous or trigger mode and import the data into other spreadsheet programs for statistical analysis, charting, and plotting.

Contact Info

Company: Pinpoint Laser Systems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-757-5383

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