Aldec’s Emulation and Verification Tools Adopted by UCSD

HENDERSON,NV -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Aldec, Inc., a pioneer in mixed HDL language simulation and hardware-assisted verification solutions for system and ASIC designs, announces that University of California, San Diego has adopted Aldec's emulation and verification tools for their new and innovative Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) program in Wireless Embedded Systems. As part of the mutual agreement, Aldec will supply Riviera-PRO mixed-language RTL and gate-level simulation and HES emulation solutions to provide the master's program with world-class commercial EDA products.

"The MAS program in Wireless Embedded Systems allows professional engineers to take advantage of UC San Diego's world-renowned expertise in embedded systems and wireless communications," said computer science professor Ryan Kastner, Co-Director of MAS in Wireless Embedded Systems at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. "It has a project-oriented focus that is highlighted by embedded systems prototyping using Aldec tools: Riviera-PRO for RTL and gate-level simulation, and HES for emulation and prototyping, in which both are integral design tools used in our program. The program provides the students a unique opportunity to build complete, state-of-the-art systems using advanced commercial tools."

"The MAS Wireless Embedded Systems program is a model for master's degrees in engineering: intense hands-on experience and training for the engineering talent of tomorrow in state-of-the-art laboratories with substantial guidance from working engineers," said professor Rajesh Gupta, Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. "We are grateful to Qualcomm, Aldec, Intel, Cypress, and other companies for making such labs possible."

"We value greatly our commitment to education and believe in the importance of educating both working and future engineers with leading-edge verification methodologies and tools," said Dr. Stanley Hyduke, CEO of Aldec Inc. "More importantly, we will be providing extensive tool support and training for the success of UC San Diego's MAS program in Wireless Embedded Systems."

About UCSD's MAS program in Wireless Embedded Systems
The UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering is launching an innovative new master's degree program tailored to the needs of industry and engineering professionals beginning in Fall 2011. The MAS program in Wireless Embedded Systems allows students to gain a deep and broad education in the multidisciplinary fundamentals of wireless communications and embedded system design. In this program, engineering professionals gain understanding of the tradeoffs between the hardware/software capabilities in embedded devices, and the limitations of the communication channel and communications algorithms. Courses are taught by UC San Diego's world-class electrical engineering, computer science, and computer engineering faculty.

About HES
HES is a complete hardware-based verification solution for large and complex SoC/ASIC designs that provides a unified platform for simulation acceleration, transaction level emulation, HW/SW co-verification, software validation, virtual modeling and prototyping. HES includes Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) with SCE-MI for high-performance emulation using FPGA-based prototyping boards from Aldec, Dini Group, Synopsys, HAPS, or custom in-house boards with tens of millions of ASIC gates.

About Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO is a multi-platform, high-performance, mixed-language RTL and gate-level simulator for ASIC and FPGA designs. Riviera-PRO includes advanced debugging tools and support of advanced verification methodologies with SystemC and SystemVerilog, Assertions Based Verification (ABV), Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) and VHDL/Verilog Design Rule Checking.

About Aldec
Aldec, Inc., a 25-year EDA tool provider, is committed to delivering high-performance, HDL and hardware-based design verification software for UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Aldec is dedicated and responsive to serving its customers' needs. It is recognized that to be productive in today's market and to best serve customers in the future, new technologies and innovations that go beyond traditional methods of conducting business in the EDA industry must be pursued. Aldec is committed to customer service and is actively developing a company that will evolve along with its customers' designs.

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