AI Predictive Maintenance Library Extends Equipment Uptime

OMRON will launch its AI Predictive Maintenance Library on October 16, 2018, the company's and, allegedly, the market’s first Sysmac Library for the Artificial Intelligence Machine Automation Controller (referred to as AI Controller). The AI Controller fuses control functions of manufacturing lines and equipment and AI processing functions at manufacturing sites in real time. The company intends to realize Predictive Maintenance by providing the AI Controller and AI Predictive Maintenance Library. It provides maintenance services at the best timing instead of recovery services from a sudden stop and periodic maintenance by skilled workers to achieve non-stop equipment.


AI Predictive Maintenance Library provides patterns to realize predictive maintenance as software functional components. Combination of the Time Series Database Function, which collects and accumulates time series data synchronized with the control cycle at high speed, and the AI Engine, which detects strange behaviors of equipment at high speed and accuracy based on the data, attains predictive maintenance in a short time. OMRON will successively release AI Machine Optimization Library, which realizes equipment that maximizes performance, and AI Quality-Yield Improvement Library, which achieves zero-defect equipment, following on AI Predictive Maintenance Library.

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OMRON is working with its client companies to accomplish its original manufacturing concept: innovative-Automation. Providing the AI Controller and Sysmac Library, the company accelerates the realization of Intelligence for automation (development of intelligence by ICT) to aim at a future factory where humans and machinery grow together with non-stop equipment, equipment that maximizes performance, and zero-defect equipment. For more details. Checkout innovative-Automation.

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