AI Assistant Runs Supercomputers


MSBAI’s engineering artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, dubbed GURU, is said to be solving widespread expertise-barrier problems in engineering, by delivering specialized capabilities as a service. By company description, it leverages modern high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) to do it.


According to MSBAI, the United States is a world leader in supercomputing, but most product developers and manufacturers don't use supercomputing because it's too complicated. The Department of Energy says HPC remains underutilized while NASA believes the solution must minimize user intervention and full automation is essential. 


HPC used to only be available to a small number of specialists at government facilities or the largest companies with the highest budgets. Today cloud computing is available via internet from companies like AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Rescale. But a large percentage of companies still aren't using it, which impacts their competitiveness.



Reportedly, GURU is an artificial intelligence assistant that could make HPC easily accessible, enabling users to perform complex tasks without the need for training. Allegedly, product designers and manufacturers who use HPC get 500 dollars back in increased revenue from every dollar they spend on it. GURU will enable all these new entrants into this 50-billion-dollar market, and the market size is projected to subsequently double in three to five years. For more info, visit MSBAI.