Aerosol Sensors and Monitors from Kanomax

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Kanomax, Andover, NJ, offers sensors and monitors to detect particulates. Small particle sensors can detect dust and particulates from common allergens and can improve usage of air purifiers, air quality monitors, and fume extractors by reporting particulates that are trapped, need filter changing, or by optimizing the fan speed in proportion to detected particulates. The sensor will shut down if particulates drop too low and then resume operation when levels rise. Aerosol monitors can be integrated into existing Ethernet networks. The monitor has a color-coded display and can be configured to alert the user remotely if the particles exceed a custom-set threshold. This instrument is ideal for high-traffic areas such as the gowning area of a cleanroom. PC monitoring software can monitor up to 10 sensors. Large particle and pollen sensors can differentiate pollen from other airborne particulates making it an ideal tool for pollen research or environmental studies.

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Company: Kanomax
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 973-786-6386
Fax: 973-786-7586

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