Aero-Instruments Acquires Air Data Product Line

CLEVELAND /PRNewswire/ -- Aero-Instruments, one of the most trusted names in the design and manufacture of air data sensors, announced the acquisition of SpaceAge Control's air data product line.

Aero-Instruments manufactures air data sensors for large commercial transport, general aviation, rotorcraft, defense, business jet, and unmanned aerial vehicle markets. The acquisition will allow Aero-Instruments to enter new markets as well as enhance and expand existing product lines. SpaceAge Control will continue to develop and sell its line of displacement sensors to customers worldwide.

"This acquisition allows Aero-Instruments to expand our product offerings to include angle of attack, temperature sensors, air data booms, trailing cones, and trailing bombs, while entering the Flight Test Equipment market and significantly strengthening our position in the growing Unmanned Air Vehicle market," said Dan Pappano, President of Aero-Instruments.

Oscar J. Mifsud, CEO of Aero-Instruments, said, "For more than 80 years, we have provided our customers with a technologically superior product, delivered on time, and meeting the highest quality standards. We recognize and appreciate that SpaceAge Control's customers expect a high level of service, and Aero-Instruments is committed to continuing that tradition."

Aero-Instruments air data sensors measure critical air data parameters and provide information for cockpit display and flight control and flight management systems.

About Aero-Instruments
Aero-Instruments is one of the most trusted names in the design and manufacture of air data sensors for aerospace applications. Founded in 1925, the privately held company, based in Cleveland, OH, produces electrically heated air data sensors for the aerospace and defense industries. Aero-Instruments products are flying on tens of thousands of aircraft around the world, including commercial aircraft, military aircraft, business jets, general aviation, rotorcraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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