Advenira Enterprises Inc. Introduces Improved Abrasion and Corrosion results for Petro-Chemical Equipment Company Novomet

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 14, 2013 - Advenira Enterprises Inc., a developer of Solution Derived Nanocomposite (SDN™) coating technology, announced that it has recently executed a joint development agreement (JDA) with Novomet, a Russian company that supplies oil mining equipment throughout the world. Under the agreement Advenira will provide coatings for submersible pumping systems developed by Novomet. This key development allows Advenira to enter important strategic markets for its protective coatings, and enables Novomet to produce components and systems with higher performance at a lower cost.

Results from the initial testing and evaluation confirm that Advenira's SDN™ coating reduced wear and corrosion on submersed parts by a factor of two.

Advenira produces a unique alternative to the commonly used vacuum (PVD, CVD, ALD, etc.) and non-vacuum (electroplating, CBD, screen-printing, etc.) deposition techniques. The key advantages of SDN™ technology are improved wear and corrosion resistance at a fraction of a cost, substantially lower capital and operating costs, high throughput and high material utilization. Advenira's unique approach to coating methodology is free from typical drawbacks and limitations of other methods, both vacuum-based, and non vacuum-based. It allows the company to coat parts of virtually any shape with complex geometries. The outstanding adhesion and uniformity numbers have surprised even the skeptics.

"Signing JDA with Novomet is an important step in Advenira's progress. We are thrilled to see the results of the initial evaluation and testing, and look forward to further cooperation," said Elmira Ryabova, CEO/CTO of Advenira.

Revolutionizing the traditional liquid-based coating techniques, Advenira developed the nano-composite technology and pushed it to the next level with a family of low-cost, high-volume production coating systems with numerous US and international patents. The combination of high-efficiency materials usage and low-cost manufacturing techniques allows Advenira to reach cost savings greater than 50% compared to other coating technologies.

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