ADI Gyros Deliver Higher Performance Under Vibration

NORWOOD, MA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is introducing three new high-performance, low-power iMEMS gyroscopes with analog output specifically for angular rate (rotational) sensing in harsh environments. The ADXRS642, ADXRS646, and ADXRS649 incorporate ADI's advanced, differential quad-sensor technology, which rejects the influence of linear acceleration and vibration to enable these new MEMS gyros to offer exceptionally accurate and reliable rate sensing even where severe shock and vibration are present.

"These new MEMS gyros have linear acceleration sensitivities as low as 0.015°/sec/g as compared to 0.1°/sec/g offered by the leading alternative MEMS gyros," said Wayne Meyer, Marketing and Applications Manager, MEMS/Sensors Technology Group, Analog Devices, Inc. "The ADXRS64x series also offers much faster start- up times, as fast as 3 milliseconds, and 10 times lower power consumption at 3.5 mA compared to other MEMS gyros that consume as much as 60 mA."

For applications where ultra-wide measurement ranges are needed, the ADXRS649 also offers the highest rate of rotation sensing available with ±20,000°/sec and fast 3 millisecond (ms) start-up time for quick power cycling. This measurement range is extendable to ±50,000°/sec with the addition of an external resistor. The ADXRS646 gyro offers a measurement range of ±250°/s, 1 kHz bandwidth, and 8°/hr drift with low broadband noise. Coupled with its exceptionally low-g sensitivity of 0.015°/s/g and vibration rectification of 0.0001°/s/g2, the ADXRS646 is ideally suited for high-performance heading measurement and platform stabilization. The ADXRS642 is also rated at ±250°/s and brings improved vibration and shock immunity performance to existing ADI iMEMS gyroscope users in a convenient drop-in upgrade. All of these new iMEMS gyroscopes leverage ADI's industry-leading iMEMS monolithic gyroscope technology and patented high-volume BiMOS process with years of proven field reliability.

"These new gyros bring together ADI's innovative quad-sensor technology, the same technology that is found in the ADXRS45x iMEMS gyro series, with the same pin-out and compact BGA package found in the very popular ADXRS62x series of iMEMS gyros," said Mark Martin, vice president, MEMS/Sensors Technology Group, Analog Devices, Inc. "Design engineers now have a convenient migration path to upgrade their designs for in-production products and take advantage of the best gyro performance available."

Key Features and Benefits

  • The unique differential quad sensor technology provides high vibration and shock immunity over a wide frequency range and allows for reliable and stable readings in harsh environments.
  • Fast 3 millisecond start-up time for quick power cycling.
  • Highest rate of rotation sensing available with up to ±50,000°/sec (ADXRS649).
  • Low-drift performance of 8°/hr (ADXRS646) enables high heading accuracy over time.
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility with the ADXRS62x series provides a convenient migration path and an easy drop-in upgrade.
  • Low-power consumption of 3.5 mA addresses lower-power demands of portable instruments.
  • -40° C to +105° C operation is suitable for most industrial and other harsh environments.

Product Price and Availability

ProductAvailabilityPrice Each Per 1000Packaging
ADXRS642Samples and EVAL boards available now
Full production: April 2011
$41.857 mm × 7 mm × 3 mm
BGA chip-scale package
ADXRS646Samples and EVAL boards available now
Full production: April 2011 $41.85
$75.397 mm × 7 mm × 3 mm
BGA chip-scale package
ADXRS649EVAL boards available now
Full production now
$58.597 mm × 7 mm × 3 mm
BGA chip-scale package


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