ADC with Real-Time Data Compression from Samplify

Samplify Systems Inc.

Samplify Systems Inc., Santa Clara, CA, offers the SAM1600 family of 16-channel, 12-bit, 65 Msps ADC ICs with integrated data compression. Power consumption is 44 mW/channel. The family of ADCs includes the 16-channel SAM1610 and 8-channel SAM1605 that feature the company's Prism signal compression and port concentration technology and the 16-channel SAM1600 in a traditional ADC configuration. The Prism compression engine offers three compression modes and reduces the number of LVDS outputs from 16 to as few as 4. Applications include ultrasound front-ends, 4G wireless base stations, automated test equipment, and RADAR/SONAR receivers.

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Company: Samplify Systems Inc.
Phone number: 888-537-7248

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