Acromag's New Next Generation PCIe-Based AcroPack I/O Modules

WIXOM, MI -- Acromag's new PCIe-based AcroPackTM Series of general purpose I/O modules for embedded computing applications are an extended version of the mPCIe specification and feature a 100-pin connector to handle the I/O. The modules plug into connectors on AcroPack™ carriers to add analog or digital input and output or communication in any combination for embedded applications running on Linux®, Windows®, or VxWorks® operating systems. Acromag's AcroPack™ PCIe carrier holds up to two mini-PCIe or AcroPack™ mezzanine modules. Modules start at less than $650 and carriers $750.

Four AcroPackTM mezzanine models will offer 32 isolated digital input model AP440, 32 isolated digital output model AP445, 32 I/O channels with 0 to 60V model AP408, and four or eight UART ports RS232 model AP50x.

For easy integration of the AP modules with real time software application programs, Acromag offers C libraries for VxWorks® and other operating systems. The libraries provide generic routines (source code included) to handle reads, writes, interrupts, and other functions. Demonstration programs enable the developer to quickly exercise the I/O modules before attaching the routines to the application program. This diagnostic tool can save hours of troubleshooting and debugging.

The COTS product line of AcroPacks™ are ROHS compliant and ideal for scientific development labs, military and aerospace applications, the defense industry, and automation applications.

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