Accelerometer for Tamper Detection from Freescale

Freescale Semiconductor

The Xtrinsic MMA8491Q from Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX, is an ultra-low-power triaxial MEMS accelerometer that provides tilt threshold detection for tamper protection for smart meters. The device offers X-, Y-, and Z-axis tilt threshold detection outputs, can determine when a device should operate in low-power mode or shut off, and draws as little as 400 nA/Hz. A dedicated enable pin has ON to trigger one-shot measurements and OFF for shutdown mode and a drop in current consumption to 10 nA. Features include preconfigured tilt threshold detection triggers; 3-axis logic outputs for tilt indication; programmable tilt threshold limits; ±8 g dynamic range for traditional accelerometer data capture; I2C functionality; and a 1.95–3.6 V supply.

Contact Info

Company: Freescale Semiconductor
Country: International
Phone number: 512-996-4418

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