A Place to Learn – Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference

IoT is radically transforming every market imaginable. While the term Internet of Things was introduced in the late 1990s, a few dabbled in the early 2000s, and lot of companies jumped in only this decade, what gave way to IoT – Embedded Systems – has been around for a lot longer than that. Embedded Systems is the foundational layer of IoT.

Along with IoT came new standards, protocols, and technology solutions, making interoperability a big issue. Embedded Technologies Conference wants to help make the learning process easier. The conference, produced in partnership with Embedded Computing Design, focuses on topics like:

  • Designing for Industrial IoT Applications
  • Secure your embedded system
  • AI & Machine learning for Industrial applications
  • C/C++ coding for embedded systems

For the full program, click here.

While the conference program does cost $599 - $1099 to attend, there are a number of workshops put together by industry leaders like Texas Instruments, Microchip, ST Micro, Bluetooth SIG, and Trusted Computing Group that are actually free to attend. Well, not really. But you can register with the code SEAN1 to get in to expo and the sponsored workshops for free.

Here are a few workshop sessions that caught my eye. For the full list click here.

Advanced Arduino Debugging: This session will introduce you to the Arduino Sketch import capability in Atmel Studio 7, which allows for full source code debugging. You’ll get to keep the ATmega328P Xplained Mini and the JTAGICE3 debugger which provides everything needed to implement source level debugging on Arduino projects. Limited seating! Lunch provided.

Ultra-low power cloud enabled sensor network hands-on workshop: Each participant will create a low-power wireless sensor node that will operate over long-range sub-1 GHz connectivity. A central cloud-connected gateway will connect to each of the individual sensor nodes & aggregate the data to the cloud for visualization & monitoring.

Experience how STMicro’s STM32WB development tools, ecosystem and examples can take you from a NUCLEO board to a working design in this workshop. Receive the P-NUCLEO-WB55 development pack free as a part of your workshop attendance. Restrictions apply.

Simplifying multi-vendor mesh and sensor networks: Learn how the latest in mesh networking technology enables large scale wireless automation and sensor solutions. 

Building trustworthy embedded systems: Learn how Trusted Computing primitives are best applied in embedded systems and how to overcome challenges specific to embedded systems such as low cost, low power, and real-time constraints.

In case you did not know, ETC will take place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center on June 25-27, 2019. See you there!

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