6LoWPAN Modules from Texas Instruments

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Texas Instruments Inc.

Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, offers new sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN devices aimed at providing a gateway for remote, low-cost wireless sensors to connect to the Internet and wireless extensions of wired IPv6 infrastructures. The modules include the CC1180 network processor, CC430 complete SoC microcontrollers, a 6 LoWPAN software stack, and the CC-6LOWPAN-DK-868 development kit. The devices require little RF expertise and can be set up using standard IP socket programming to add wireless and Internet connectivity to networks. They support hundreds of hops using a single gateway and are suited for use in large-scale mesh networks and in Smart Grid, home and building automation, street lighting, and other wireless sensor network applications.

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Company: Texas Instruments Inc.
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