6 DoF IMU from SensorDynamics

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SensorDynamics AG

The SD746 from SensorDynamics AG, Lebring, Austria, is a 6 DoF IMU designed for motion measurement in consumer and industrial applications. The combo MEMS sensor measures the angular rate and acceleration in all 3 axes and is supplied in a QFN 40 package. The device has a measurement range of ±2048°/s for angular rate and ±8 g for acceleration and provides temperature-compensated and factory-calibrated digital measurements with high resolution via SPI or I2 interfaces. Motion detection mode turns off the gyros and operates the accelerometers in a pulsed mode, consuming 25 µA at the 1 Hz accelerometer sample rate. A power off mode has no power consumption but maintains the SPI interface at high-impedance levels so that the sensor need not be separated from the bus.

Contact Info

Company: SensorDynamics AG
Country: Austria
Phone number: +43 3182-40160-0

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