5 Megapixel GigE Camera from Basler

5 Megapixel GigE Camera from Basler
Basler Vision Technologies

The pioneer piA2400 GigE camera from Basler Vision Technologies, Ahrensburg, Germany, runs at 12 frames/s and is based on Sony's ICX625 CCD sensor with resolution of 2456 by 2048 pixels. The camera is available in mono and color and features a fully GigE vision-compliant interface. It offers a 29 by 44 mm footprint, up to 4 by 4 binning, programmable area of interest with speed increase, programmable exposure controls, 12-bit readout, packed data transfer for high frame rates even in color modes, and asynchronous external triggering and synchronization. The camera has been fully characterized using EMVA 1288 standard measurements. Applications include inspection for electronics production, medical and microscopy, and intelligent traffic systems.

Contact Info

Company: Basler Vision Technologies
Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 4102-463-500

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