42-inch Touchscreen Gaming Device Features Silver Nanowire Conductive Film from Carestream Advanced Materials

ROCHESTER, New York -- Carestream Advanced Materials announces that its FLEXX Transparent Conductive Film is enabling full-scale production of large-format projected capacitive screens, which are being deployed on a variety of gaming devices. Inotouch Technology Company is using FLEXX Transparent Conductive Film to produce a number of touch-panel designs, including a 42-inch touch panel at its manufacturing facility in Yong-in,South Korea. The large device size, coupled with end-user demand for high performance, made FLEXX Transparent Conductive Film a clear choice for Inotouch engineers.

"ITO film isn't suited for 42-inch screens. It simply doesn't offer the low sheet resistance required for these types of next-generation devices," saidPaul Herro, General Manager for Carestream Advanced Materials. "We designed FLEXX Films specifically for emerging applications with large screens and lightweight construction. So, we're excited to be working with Inotouch on this product line."

While Inotouch engineers wanted to meet customer requirements for weight, size and image quality, they also needed to choose a transparent conductive film that allowed them to meet aggressive manufacturing goals — especially quality, process flexibility and cost.

"Our customers are very sophisticated when it comes to gaming devices. Their requirements are based on their experiences with thin, light and highly reliable smartphones," said Mr.Joseph Jang, doctor of material engineering for Inotouch. "We wanted to replicate that experience with a large-format projected capacitive screen. We also wanted to find a film that offered compatibility with our manufacturing processes and allowed us to meet our yield objectives. FLEXX Film technology meets all of our criteria."

FLEXX Films are constructed using silver nanowire technology, which offers a unique combination of optical performance, cost and flexibility without the brittleness of ITO film. They can achieve very low sheet resistances without sacrificing optical transmittance. ­

"Silver is the most conductive element on the planet. At the nano-scale, it allows FLEXX Transparent Conductive Films to exhibit very low sheet resistance, low haze, extreme flexibility and exceptional light transmission," said Herro. "We're also able to make our films highly affordable because of our roll-to-roll manufacturing process. It's a very scalable, efficient and affordable manufacturing process."

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