3D Face Recognition Software Takes A Bite Out Of Apple's FaceID

It’s a day after Apple’s somewhat tepid launch of iPhone X and one of the more notable technologies to reach fruition is facial recognition used as a security measure. In other words, optical sensors and software recognize a user’s face and employs the optical data as a password to access the phone. Along the same train of thought, SensibleVision, a provider of simultaneous multi-factor authentication applications for mobile devices, and pmdtechnologies, a 3D time-of-flight depth sensing technology provider, are teaming up to create a unique mobile 3D facial recognition platform that they believe will rival Apple's next generation handset.


SensibleVision's 3DVerify claims its 3D face scanning authentication topology delivers to non-iOS device makers an equivalent or in some cases even more capable solution than Apple’s offering. It integrates pmd's 3D depth sensing development platform CamBoard pico flexx and 3D data processing to deliver high-quality depth data. As a result, the combined offering puts manufacturers of Android and Windows mobile devices on par or even ahead with the latest in 3D authentication, rather than having to wait and play catch up to Apple.

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According to George Brostoff, co-founder and CEO of SensibleVision, “With 3DVerify 3D facial authentication solution, all handset makers can now transform the way people access and interact with their devices - and keep pace with or even move ahead of Apple. Additionally, the quality of the data from the pmd ToF [time of flight] technology is amazing. Combing our 3D recognition with the 3D sensors allows perfect operation in the brightest sunlight and the darkest rooms with amazing speed and accuracy.”


For a video demonstration of 3DVerify working with the pico flexx development kit is available. For more details, contact SensibleVision and pmd.

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