32-Bit Microcontrollers from Luminary Micro

Luminary Micro Inc.
Luminary Micro Inc., Austin, TX, offers its Stellaris LM3S101 and LM3S102 32-bit microcontrollers based on a silicon implementation of the ARM Cortex-M3 processor and targeted at embedded and industrial applications. The microcontrollers use the ARM Thumb-2 instruction set and offer >50 MIPS, 20 MHz operation, onchip memory (8 KB Flash and 2 KB single-cycle SRAM), general-purpose timers, a watchdog timer, SSI, UART, analog comparators, and GPIOs. The LM3S102 also has an I2C bus. Development kits are available and include motherboard and daughterboard; peripheral driver library; documentation, schematics, and example programs; and all cables and jumpers.

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Company: Luminary Micro Inc.
Phone number: 512-279-8800
Fax: 512-279-8879

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